Getting fired – It’s the best thing ever

You are fired!

you are fired

That’s something you don’t want to hear, especially if you have a number of bills stacked on the kitchen table at home labelled with a “payment please” stamp revelling on the front page. Getting fired does much to our dignity but if you turn the equation on its head, you will see the upside of the situation you find yourself in as you have a new financial future laid out.

Why getting fired is a good thing

With many of us working year after year trying to build a career around the current company we find ourselves working at, it might seem at times that the career ladder has broken or burned down somewhere along the way. What once was a pleasure to do, now weigh you down. The first year or two went by with you receiving a promotion and a bonus, signs that you’re a great asset to the company you are employed at, causing you to become an ignorant employer. But then something changes… You seem to do everything wrong and someone has a vendetta against you; trying everything to make your life at work a living hell.

Best of all, that person happens to be your boss. So, you are faced with two choices; quit or get fired. Before you can make a decision, it is made for you by management. You are now fired and in a total disarray. This shouldn’t be the case as you now have an entirely blank canvas in front of you and you are the painter. If you have a gift, whether it may be crunching numbers in an instant or being able to communicate with the most difficult customer, you need not have your gift exploited to benefit your employer. You can use that gift to find new employment or even better, employ yourself!

What do you do after being fired?

As you need a job to sustain yourself and pay those stacked up bills, fretting over a lost job shouldn’t be your first option. With technology becoming man’s best friend, you need not look for work within your local area as the world now lies at your fingertips. You can choose to use your gift to benefit you while searching for another job or you could take the road less travelled. Although less travelled, the chance of you making a success of your career will be much greater. Being location independent, as it’s called, will ensure you see the world in its entirety. By becoming location independent you will be, by the help of technological devices such as cell phones and internet, able to earn a good income by using your gift or talent; unexploited by unworthy employers.

Additionally, you need to make use of the following tips to ensure you don’t end up unemployed and humiliated.


Yes, even if you are fired, you are still entitled to leave pay and all other relevant payments that accompany the process of being dismissed. The fact that you will now have extra money doesn’t mean you need to spend it all. A good idea would be to pay those bills up to date and if possible, pay them a month in advance. This gives you time to breathe and work through the changes your career path is now taking.

Filing for unemployment benefits

You may think that, as you were fired, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits. This is not the case as in many states you are in fact able to claim for unemployment. This will depend on the fact if you were dismissed as a result of an internal issue or if you were dismissed as a result of misconduct. Should this be the case, the chances of claiming will be slim to none.

Doing something on your own

Why getting fired is a good thing

At this point, you can see yourself as a bird that needs to learn how to fly. With the eliminated section of having a boss standing behind your chair, watching every move you make and revelling when you make a wrong move you can move forward. On the other hand, you are now the sole controller of how your career path proceeds from here. Looking for another job can be the solution with a selection of great career negotiating skills but if you want to experience standing on the front line of the career pool, you could decide to become your own boss. Beware though, that if you choose this career path, you need to be prepared to work hard, push yourself and most importantly, know how to manage your money efficiently.

Here are a few ways you can become your own boss but remember, the possibilities are endless and your first inspirational thought is the stepping stone to building a successful career.

Exercise your cash

If you have had the “you’re fired” conversation with your boss recently, you can opt for a better, healthier way of earning an income and best of all, you get to stay in shape while doing it! While your former job may have been a desk job, resulting in you neglecting your daily exercise workouts, you are now capable of using it to your advantage. You can start an exercise club where you teach a number of people how to exercise and keep healthy. Think of the movie scenes where you see a couple of women in the park, getting some fresh air while keeping fit on their aerobics mat.

Letting your cash travel

If you have a good sense of navigation, a good idea will be to earn an income from driving other people to and from their destinations. This is relatively easy as with technology, anything is possible. You might even find a financial advisor in the back seat of your car, giving you the opportunity to talk about what you can do to make your lack of retirement funds situation easier as you may not have a retirement fund in place.

Online magic

As mentioned earlier, technology enables us to be location independent and with that idea, you can become an employee for someone that lives on the other side of the globe. With online or internet jobs, you can earn a good income while using the skills you acquired from your previous job to land you a career of magic. The list is literally endless as you can deliver any fathomable digital product or service such as writing for online magazines, selling artwork that is done with computer software, social media marketing for companies as well as being a website reviewer; and those are just a few ideas to get your head on the right spot.

Why investing is a good idea

One of the most successful ways of earning money is investing in stock or market shares. If you start investing at a young age, the turnover of your investment will reach sky high profits if done correctly. If you are shaking your head as you don’t know a thing about investing, the basics of investing are easy to comprehend and as you continue playing the game, you will soon learn what you need to look out for.

Time is money

You have been fired but that doesn’t mean you have to stay unemployed for the rest of your life. If you start investing now, you should have enough time to save a sufficient amount of money to use when investing in reputable investments. That being said, the longer you learn and grow in the investment industry, the better your chances are of earning a substantial profit becomes.

Spending habits

Many people don’t spend enough time looking at the way they spend their money. If you’re an investor, your main aim is to watch every penny you spend and evaluate how you spend it. Thus, should you decide to start investing, you can rest assured that your spending habits will improve, leading you to learn much more about your personal finances.

The investment game

Being able to start playing the investment game at a young age means you will be able to assist not only yourself but those in need of financial help. Should your parents or a friend be in need of help, you are in the financially secure position of helping them find their feet. Any not so long ago you were fired…

Improving life

An investor’s number one choice would be investing in a retirement fund. That way, when you near your retirement, you need not have sleepless nights as the quality of your life has already been mapped out. As life is the most important aspect of being human, you need to start investing soon to be able to reap the benefits later.

As you can now comprehend, being fired wasn’t a second in which life threw you down into the dirt. It was a second that changed your entire life for the better and the sooner you pick up that box and start packing the essentials from your desk, you will forever be cooped up with a job that drives you, and others, to pure insanity.

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