How to hit your target audience and keep them

If you are a creator of words, in other words, a writer, author or just someone who wants to share their experiences and stories with the world, you have to make sure that you hit your target audience right in the bullseye. As difficult as it may seem, with just a few very simple rules, you can quickly learn to make your target audience be your forever and make them beg for more words from your pen!

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To find your target audience, be specific

If you are a creator of words, there is no guarantee that everyone will love your written pieces. As all people are different and have different interests, so it is when speaking of books. Never try to write what you think a reader wants to read. Write the story you want to write, that story that is practically bursting from your inside, just waiting to be told. Those raw and practically impelled words on a blank page are what a reader is after. Remember to always be specific about what it is that you are writing. If you are a creator of fantasy, write exactly just that and if you want to try your luck at a non-fiction piece, stay true to the ink you lay on your page.

To find your target audience, be strategic

To be strategic, referring to the relation of the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them, is one very important factor to take in consideration when wanting to create a written piece of art. Make a list of everything that needs to be done and do them one at a time. Finish one part before going to the next section. Tick them as you finish them to make sure that nothing is left out of consideration when being a creator of words.

To find your target audience, be scriptural

Have faith in the words that you create. The Bible asks us to have faith in the Gospel of God. Just as it says, you must have faith in your words, make it your own and live by those words. The most difficult thing for a writer to do is to take the reader on a journey of words and make them relive each and every word written. By being scriptural and making those words your own, you are creating the path for the reader to walk on.

To find your target audience, be substantive

Substantive, meaning to have a firm basis in reality and so important, meaningful, or considerable, takes your audience to a whole new level. You have to add value to the words you create. If the value is visible in the words you create, it will reach the reader on a personal level and capture their imaginations. After all, no reader wants to read a book with no imaginative capabilities!

To find your target audience, be a servant

Do not create words and expect to become rich off those words. Write what comes from inside you and expect nothing in return. The most satisfying feeling a writer can ever have is not the feeling of seeing someone buying their book, it is the feeling of someone reading it. When the reader reads and experiences what the writer has written, a connection between reader and writer is created that will never break. It is not that buys the book; it is the reader that reads the book.

To find your target audience, be supportive

A wonderful way of being supportive to your audience is to talk to them, connect with them and let them tell you what they think about the words that you have created. By bringing a positive attitude to the table, you virtually have the target audience in your pocket!

To find your target audience, be a sharer

Social media is at the order of the day. If you want to make the words you create known not only to your community but to the entire world, share, share and share it on social media. You can write as many books as you want, but without anyone knowing about it, you do not stand a chance of reaching your target audience. Select the audience which you want to capture, join social media groups, connect and share what you have to offer.

Hitting your target audience does not have to be a headache. Just remember to use all the above-mentioned points and do not leave one of them out. With these factors, you are guaranteed to have a secret recipe for word-creating success!

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      Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I always love connecting with people with the same mindset. I agree with you that Adsense can become quite a hassle at times and as Google keeps changing their algorithms, one constantly needs to stay in the know about what is considered good SEO and how to improve one’s SEO to rank higher on Google. I will definitely have a peek at your website and get back to you. In the meantime, I will add a link to your website. I will be connecting soon!

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