Author: Ansie Ehrke

Why 2020 Nudged me into Choosing to Homeschool my Kids Permanently

I’m sure as you are reading this blog title, you going “Are you INSANE? Why would anyone want to homeschool their kids permanently? My kids are driving me through the roof and I can’t wait for my kids to go back to school!” But yes, 2020 – the year all parent’s lives got turned upside-down, […]

Co-Authoring yet another children’s book – Elissy goes to Ghana

Elissy Goes to Ghana is a book co-authored by Claudia Myrie and Ansie Ehrke. Get it on Amazon now! Elissy loves to travel and this time, her adventure takes her to Ghana! She’s out today with her family to explore the country of Ghana. She’s out on a Safari to see the animals and she […]

The Thread

“Amelia, get the fuck outta my way!” William slurred with a half-empty bottle of rum in his hand. He pushed Amelia against the wall of their tiny kitchen and stared at her; his alcohol drenched breath making the tendrils of hair that escaped her ponytail move around her face as if they too, were bracing […]

Nurse Angela

Being a nurse in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts was easy. Being a nurse with borderline personality disorder was not that easy. For Angela, life at the hospital was filled with emotions and sights that made her insides twitch. To cope with these strange sensations she could not quite comprehend herself, she made a habit of silently […]

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