Do you have a small business? Tap into your readers’ hunger with these blog writing tips

Are you tired of people scanning your business blog posts without really reading and breathing in every word written on the page? Do yourself a favour. Go onto your web browser. Go on. You can just open a new tab and still be able to read this article. Search for the term “How to write a blog post.” Do you see the number of articles that pop up on the screen? Click on any one of those articles. Then, click on another. Do you see that the articles you clicked on say exactly the same thing? No, it’s not because of the fact that what these articles are saying is, in fact, true. It’s because the standard of what passes as an exceptional blog post these days is too low. With that said, let’s have a look at what truly makes an excellent blog post.

Blogging for your business

Write from your target market’s perspective
If you have a small business, you would already have selected your target market. You need to actually put yourself in your target market’s shoes. It does not matter whether your market is targeted towards men over 60 and you are a mere 26-year-old female. Go out and chat with individuals that fall within your target market. Ask them questions, tap into their thoughts and find out what value your product or services give them. With that knowledge, you can create posts that not only provide insight into your own business; you can actually write posts from your target markets’ perspective.

In today’s world and especially in the online world, you need to be able to speak, through the words from your blog post, directly to the person reading what you have written. Try it! I promise you; your content will never again be classified as “just another generic article.”

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