The impact of blogging for charity

Making a difference in one life is better than making no difference at all. In a world where almost every business has a blog where they promote their services and products, how is it possible for someone to be heard over the booming blog noise of their peers? When it comes to blogging for charity, the burden becomes even bigger.

A human touch

However, blogging gives a human touch to the words on a page – it breathes life into it. When readers read something that has a life of its own, they tend to take notice and a seed of potential action is planted in their brain. When blogging about non-profit organisations and the successful projects completed, it gives a further nudge to the reader to become part of the bigger picture.

Quick action to blogging for charity

Apart from that, blogging for charity gives readers a chance to act quickly, thus forming a driving force behind the project. It also gives bloggers an opportunity to add notions for donations – a definite way of making a positive impact on organisations that depend on these funds such as child welfare institutions.

I, for one, can testify that blogging for a good cause can make a huge difference. It was to my absolute horror that a little girl who had severe burns on her body didn’t have access to medical care as her parents didn’t have the funds to help their precious baby. But, with the help of a blog post, social media and a few helping hands, this angel child is now recovering with a better chance at life.

As these blogs can be shared on social media, people all over the globe are connected as one army to fight against a cause that impacts everyone, either directly or indirectly. It is not making a difference in numbers that count; it is the pure fact that each person can impact one life for the better.

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