Co-Authoring yet another children’s book – Elissy goes to Ghana

Elissy Goes to Ghana is a book co-authored by Claudia Myrie and Ansie Ehrke. Get it on Amazon now!

Elissy loves to travel and this time, her adventure takes her to Ghana!

She’s out today with her family to explore the country of Ghana. She’s out on a Safari to see the animals and she wants to meet new people. She visits the lake and celebrates with the people of Ghana, and she learns that Ghana is hot.

So, don’t waste time! Pack your bags too and join Elissy and her best friends – the alphabets and the sounds -on another adventure. Don’t forget your learning hats!

Elissy Goes to Ghana teaches your child all about Ghana, its geography, about its wildlife, the community, and their celebrations. It takes your child on a wonderful adventure teaching them phonics, about people from different communities, the virtue of humility, and the importance of appreciating what we have.

This short and sweet children’s book is written for children aged (add age range, eg 3-8). It is suitable as read-aloud for preschoolers, self-read for beginner readers, and young explorers.

Co-Authoring yet another children’s book – Elissy goes to Ghana

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