Eagles revenge

Aeschylus was the best hunter in Egypt. His ability to hunt and kill astonished all the inhabitants of his city. But his ability would soon come to question…

It was late afternoon when Aeschylus crept between entwined branches to get a clear view of his prey. Aim, fire! When approaching the prize-winning eagle he had shot, his excitement was short-lived. He had wounded the bird, not killed it! Disposing the bird was his first priority. Covering the eagle beneath floorage, he decided that no one would ever know about the terrible flaw he had made.

After the terrible pain had shot through his left wing, he collapsed in the leaves in desperation. How had it come that he got caught in Aeschylus’s web? All the animals were terrified of his excellent aim. After some time, the eagle got enough strength to wobble to safety. All he could do is to wait for recovery.

After what seemed like an eternity, he gained his strength back. In his waiting, he devised a plan of sweet revenge on Aeschylus. He would show him what it meant to fall to complete desperation. He convinced his partner in crime to accompany him in making his plan a great success.

The day had come to make Aeschylus regret his selfish behavior. Aeschylus was walking over the dunes of sand, pondering over his next kill. The eagle flew overhead, clasping the mighty adrenaline loving tortoise in his claws. Aiming for Aeschylus’s bald head, he dropped the tortoise from the air. A faint thump was heard… and then, nothing. Aeschylus lay on the sand, as still as a corpse. The eagle swooped down low to watch Aeschylus suffer. The tortoise moved away, wanting to do that again! After a few moments, the eagle realized what he had done. He had killed Aeschylus! That was never his intention! He only wanted to make him suffer as he himself did. He had now done what Aeschylus’s intention had been for the eagle. His servants came running to his side. Not having seen what happened, they didn’t see the eagle circling above their heads. Nor did they see the eagle plunge into a scorching hot sand dune, bringing his life to an end.

For the eagle’s revenge had brought him nothing but sorrow. Pain inflicted by someone else does not mean the pain must be intentionally inflicted back.

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