Greenhouse Secrets

The Simpson’s greenhouse was a very beautiful place. Roses and Venus Flytraps were arranged in all colours and sizes. Tracy Simpson was at her happiest when she could wander among the flowers and look in awe at the amazing dimensions her flowers made. Her husband, Darrel, enjoyed watching his wife walk around the greenhouse wearing her oh so short skirts. Her legs were tanned from the summer sun and her hair cascaded down her back. He knew that when she went to her greenhouse he could catch her on her unawares and steal a kiss or two.

“My lovely lady,” Darrel said one morning as he came into the greenhouse.

“You are my goddess.”

“Oh, Darrel you flirt,” Tracy batted her eyelashes, loving this game of foreplay.

In an instant, he grabbed her in his arms and kissed her hard, his hand rubbing her body as if to warm it up for what was to come. It didn’t take long to lift her skirt and pull down her panties. Tracy began to unzip his pants. A quickie would do before she had to start breakfast. Darrel lifted her on a table and pushed himself into her. She buried her face in his neck as they started to sway to their own passionate rhythm. She moaned her love in his ear and climaxed all around him. Darrel shook violently as the pure pleasure subsided. He lifted her from the table and hand in hand they walked towards the house.

Little did they know that their neighbour, Sally, was watching them from the greenhouse window. Sally was a nosy woman. She just couldn’t bear the thought of someone being happy while she was so miserable. She had watched them time and again make love in this very greenhouse. She envied them. A lot. And she wouldn’t rest until she could make one of them very miserable.

“Wait, I will show you love,” she muttered and climbed down from the fence.

She went home to prepare a special potion that would make all hell break loose in the greenhouse.

“A little bit of this and a little bit of that,” she chanted as she whisked everything together.

Sally threw the potion into a spray can and went to finish her job. She sprayed the Venus Flytraps with it and went to hide behind the cupboard at the far end of the greenhouse. Tracy would surely come back to her beloved plants after breakfast and Darrel will trail behind her like a lovesick puppy. She wanted a good view of what was to happen.

“I’m sure the roses will win first prize this year,” Tracy said as she and Darrel entered the greenhouse.

“Oh they will and so will you.”

Tracy took out a spade and went over to the tap to get some water. Darrel watched her with lust. As she returned he let his hand skim over her breast.

“You seriously don’t ever get enough do you?” Tracy asked, loving the attention.

“Of you? Never!”

He let his hand slide under her shirt, caressing his property. Over in the far corner, Sally watched with anticipation. It only took one touch of the plants to activate the potion. Tracy and Darrel were very near to another few minutes of frantic lovemaking. Sally shifted to get a better view. Her arm grazed one of the nearby plants and it began to move. It wiggled and turned. As if it was alive, it opened its mouth like leaves and grabbed Sally from the ground. In one gulp she was gone.

Darrel didn’t notice any movement. He was too busy giving love to his wife whom he adored so much. It was only a few days later that they noticed Sally’s house being very quiet. Upon inspection, they found that she had just mysteriously disappeared…

Greenhouse Secrets

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