Exposing the writer closet

Word closet

Every blog should have an introduction. An explanation of what is to be expected.This blog, The writer closet, is a place where I can neatly stack all the images to fill a readers mind.

There is no better feeling in the world for a writer than the feeling of a satisfied reader. Without readers, there will be no writers. The writer closet is a place for readers and writers to hide, to laugh and to cry.

Here, readers will find articles for parents, single mothers and fathers, and anyone who needs a trickle of hope. You will find inspiring and insightful articles about life, a complex word we don’t and will never fully understand.

Writers will find advise on writing, editing and what makes each writer unique. You will find your true inspiration. As all writers know, writing is not just a hobby. It is a way of living. You have to be the hero and the villain, the victim and the suspect.

Open The writer closet and free the words for you the world to read.

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