How To Write A Killer Personal Bio At 121hub

You might think that writing a persona bio for your brand new websites at 121hub might be the least important factor of your hub quest. After all, you have something to sell and you want to get it out into the world as soon as possible! Well, think again. You persona bio is utterly important. It represents who you are, both on your websites and as fellow member of 121hub. With a killer bio on your side, you are guaranteed to reach more clients by sharing a small piece of who you are. As the 121hub saying by Quentin Adams goes, “People NOT pages.”

Here are some pointers on how to write an awesome bio for your website:

It sounds ridiculous, but writing your bio in the third person will effectively create more interest in what you have to say. It is better to say “Sally is a creative writer of children’s books” rather than “I am a creative writer of children’s books.” It is however, the writer’s choice of speech.

It is utterly important to state your name in the first sentence of your bio. Potential clients want to know the name of the person with whom they will be dealing.

Short is always better. Most people do not have the time to read through your life history in order to know if you are, in fact the, right candidate for the job. Reach the right target market by keeping to the services you offer. You can add a few achievements in the particular field. The more experience, the better!

Your contact details are just as important! It is better to give at least two or three mediums in which clients can contact you, example Facebook, email and LinkedIn. Make sure that the links to your profiles and your email address is spelt correctly!

Make sure to use “power words” to enhance the quality of your bio. Examples of power words can be found at

Finally, the conclusion of your bio is the ultimate punch line. You have to persuade the client to click on your email address! A simple “contact me” won’t always do the trick. A good conclusion to your bio for example can be “it’s all in the tap of a finger.” Be creative with your words!

A persona bio does not have to be a headache. With a little help, it can be a masterpiece, just like your websites at 121hub.

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