Need to Count Sheep To Sleep? No more!


Sleeping should be something to look forward to at the end of each day. For some people however, this can become quite frustrating as the evil fairy called Insomnia tends to make the nighttime a rather lonesome time. After all, watching others snore away the sleepiness while your eyes are bloodshot is not a great way of spending the night.

Let’s face it; counting sheep to try to sleep does not help much. After the fourth or fifth sheep you might get confused and have to start all over again, especially if all the sheep look the same…

There are a lot of ways to deal with sleeplessness without having the “baa baa black sheep” to count. I found it personally rewarding to stick to a set sleeping schedule. Try to finish all your chores for the day well before you go to bed. That way you can have time to relax your mind and body; preparing yourself for a good night’s rest.

Napping during the daytime might help you to get through a stressful working day, but it can limit your ability to have a good night’s rest. Should you feel tired during the day, try to keep busy and do not think about the fact that you are tired. Thus if you get home in the evening and it is time to sleep, you won’t have a problem closing your eyes and drifting off.

Try to avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. As these substances contain a lot of sugar and caffeine, it will keep you awake for longer. Although it might help you get through the day, it is ineffective for sleeping habits.

My family hates it when their supper is late! It is beneficial to eat your supper early in the evening. Eating at a later time during the evening will keep your body alert and you will not be calm and relaxed by the time you pull back the covers.

Use your bed only for sleeping. Watching tv in the bed may be relaxing, but as soon as you close your eyes, your brain will continue to play the images you have seen a few seconds earlier, making it impossible to sleep.

Your sleeping environment should be calm, cool and dark. Should you wish to play music while you sleep, make sure it is soft and very relaxing music. If you have a tv in your room, switch it off before you go to bed and do not play games or check messages on your phone right before you close your eyes.

As we all have stressful work situations to deal with, it is beneficial to take some time-out and have some time to yourself. The less stressed you are, the better you will sleep. Getting enough exercise is a great way of de-stressing. Not everybody loves exercise, I know I don’t, but even walking in the park or in your neighborhood might help bring on the calmness.
Should you prefer to count sheep, you are more than welcome… One sheep, two sheep…

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