Never too old to learn something new


It is said that a child isn’t born with a book to guide a parent trough the ups and downs of raising that little rascal to be the perfect grown up one day. The only help a parent gets is that of family and friends. The rest is just that, the task of being a parent, which is not so easy, I kid you not. Yet, parents learn so much from their own kids, and by that meaning not how to handle temper tantrums or how to make them eat their broccoli at dinnertime. Those moments when your child says or does something that makes you say, “Did my child just do that?”, those moments are the ones that teach apparent something very valuable.

When a child pretends to be a horse and jumps right into a log, stubs their toe and come screaming as if their toe is broken, a parents first instinct is access the pain level and soothe the pain, even if there is no mark! A gentle kiss on the injured little toe instantly soothes away the pain. As parents, we tend to take the smaller things in life for granted. If a child believes that a simple kiss can take away the pain, why do we as parents constantly dwell on the pain and suffering we endure? If we could have such an innocent beliefs as children do, life would be much less complicated. If only all pain could be soothed by one little kiss…

A child will find a simple thing like a fluttering butterfly in the garden amusing for hours at end. Parents tend to miss the butterfly and look straight at the broken fence or the rosebush that just won’t bloom. If we could first see the butterfly and then the broken fence or ruined bush, the fence will be fixed and the rose-bush watered with a much lighter heart, making enough time for play with your youngsters.

The best memories as a parent would be those “wow” moments where your child says something so grown up, you feel like the child rather than the parent. A flat tyre alongside the road on the way home (as you are already late) is always a stressful situation to be in, none the less something that cannot be avoided no matter how much of a Super Mom you might be! While a mother would frantically ponder upon a solution, the swift answer from the back seat would be “Don’t worry Mommy, Dad will fix it.” As easy as that! One phone call later and Dad is on the way with the spare tyre. Guess who saved the day?

Being a parent is not about being the Super Parent we read about in magazines. It’s about learning and growing with your children. The way you treat your kids is the way they will treat their friends and their own kids one day. It may be better to have a book to read the rules from, but take just one moment to watch your kids. Who knows? They might just learn you something!

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