Most Memorable Moments as a Parent

As parents, we cling onto those precious moments we share with our children. Parents go through different phases with their children as they grow up. We cherish them as our babies grow up to be young adults and before we know it, get married. A small gesture can make one’s heart swell with pride and ponder upon the innocence of a toddler or the bravery of a young adult. To sum up all the moments of our children’s lives are almost impossible!

  • The first time your child brings you a cup of coffee with such pride in their face. Although it tastes terrible, it is cold and very strong; the mere thought of a caring child makes any parent proud of their little sprout! The kitchen is a mess and sugar lumps cover the floor, another mess to clean up. But while cleaning, a smile dances in your heart.
  • Getting out of bed for the usual chores before work could become quite stressful. You peer around your child’s bedroom door and see them already dressed; well halfway. Their shirt is the wrong way around and what should have been pants; now cling onto one leg, halfway on and halfway off. Most parents spend a lot of time teaching their children to dress themselves, but the first time they do it themselves will not always be the best attempt. Even though they look like a frazzled monkey, any parent would smile at their child’s first attempt at dressing themselves.
  • To watch your girl or boy run on the athletics field, panting, but not giving up. The look on their proud little faces as they cross the finish line, not first, but knowing they have finished a big challenge. The smile they carry all the way to their parents, fill one’s heart with joy.
  • The sight of your child’s face when you walk into the room with their very first birthday cake. Although a bit messy, having their little faces and their hair covered in cake makes any parent proud of that big number one. There may be many more birthdays to come, but the first one will always be the best!
  • Milestones are a very big word for any parent. When you tick off the milestones in your baby book, the thought of your baby growing so fast may seem a bit daunting but at the same time a life changer. The first tooth, the first smile or the first step; all is a gift given to parents by their growing kids.
  • When a child gets quiet and they are not under your watchful eye, know that they are up to mischief. Upon peering around the corner, you might see the baby cream splattered all over the bedroom mirror or your favourite book may be torn to shreds. As they realize you are watching them, they smile their sweet “I know it was me but I still love you” smile. The mess may be time consuming and unnecessary to clean, but it’s a mess made by a growing child, your child.
  • The first attempt at baking is a very memorable experience! There will always be more batter in your sweetheart’s hair and the icing will be in their tummies rather on the cake. To watch the dough in the oven and to see the end product and share that moment with your child, that is what makes being a parent worthwhile!
  • As a child grows older, they learn to do things on their own, have their own opinions about things and find their passion. To give your child free reigns on finding their own passion is the best thing any parent can do. Learn them to use that passion and to live it to their utmost abilities. One day, they will have their parents to thank for letting them do what they love most!
  • It is an amazing sight to see you toddler jump from the table right into their parent’s arms, trusting that they will be there to catch them. The innocent trust a child has for his or her parents will always stay in one’s heart.
  • The most memorable moments are the memories that still lie ahead. To be part of your child growing up and becoming an adult, to be part of them finding their love, getting married and having kids of their own; it all is what they call parenthood. Having the credential Parent behind your name makes you the best mom or dad in the world! For your kids, you will always be number one!
Most Memorable Moments as a Parent

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