It’s Just You and Me

When I came to a crossroad where I thought love was a mere myth
You unlocked the passion in me with the tenderness of a locksmith

Together, we bathe in each other’s existence
No longer fearing the norm’s resistance

When I felt like the moon and the stars rested upon my shoulders
You made sure to carry with me each and every boulder

Hand-in-hand, we walk into tomorrow
Free to live, laugh and love thorough

When I looked down onto the earth so bare
You lifted my chin up towards the skies we share

Not two souls, but one we are now
Bounded by love’s invisible vow

When my feet became weary from walking alone
You carried me over hills and cobbled stone

Forever it will be, us against eternity
One day we will be praised by all posterity

When the smile disappeared from my tired face
You helped me to pick up the pace

Enveloped in unrequited love we shall for always and a day be
From today until the end of time, it’s just you and me.

It’s Just You and Me

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