Sunflowers In Synchronicity

Turn your bright yellow gaze towards the glory of rays admiring your flawless skin
Motion those enjoying the sight of you to come closer for a look within
Countless seeds, each constructed with utmost care and devotion
You conspire to set a chain of unchanged events in motion.

Moving with the sun, thousands of you in synchronicity each day
Then, unchallenged, bow your heard to pay respects to the night without delay
Only to stand tall and strong again for another day of growth
Unwittingly you stand – an army of yellow suited soldiers keeping your oath

Preserving health deep inside your roots, you protect it all for extraction
Silently preparing the goodness you brew for human satisfaction
You contemplate the complex cosmos of the world you find yourself in
Accepting your fate after completing the task, another growth process will begin

From a mere seedling to full-grown Hero of yellow happiness
Sunflower, forever will you be remembered for your courteousness.

Sunflowers In Synchronicity

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